Can Reflexology Help my Back?

Reflexology is working the reflex points on the feet, hands and ears and is based on the nervous system. There are nerve endings in these places and through the nerve pathways, they connect to different organs and parts of the body. Therefore it makes sense that working say on the feet, can effect a change not just in the foot, but also in another part of the body.

So using that idea… if you come to a reflexologist, they will work the reflex points for the back, along with other supporting structures. And they will do that on the hands, feet and ears. I work with a priority reflexing system which means that depending on whether it is lower, mid/upper back or neck, might determine where I start – hands, feet or ears.

A reflexologist can’t claim to treat or cure someone or their back, unless we are also a doctor. But we can support the body’s own innate healing systems and work those reflex points that correspond to the part of the body you are having challenges with. This has shown great results on many of my clients.

What are some of the ways that reflexology helps?

  • Brings more circulation and more oxygen to the area.
  • Opens it up and may help with flexibility.
  • Often reduces stress and encourages relaxation.
  • May help relieve some of the congestion around the nerve endings and surrounding area.

Where are the main reflexology points for the back?

On the hands, the main points run from just above the base of the thumb which is the neck area and as you go down the thumb side of the hand towards the wrist, you are going down through the back reflex points to the lower back. So the lower back reflex point is close to the wrist. In the foot, it’s the same. From the area just above the base of the big toe going down the big toe side of the foot towards the lower back points.

On the ear is a little more tricky to explain. The ear points are very different from the hands and feet and better to see in person. The ear points are held for as long as feels better – 2 to 10 minutes is usually good. When you have a session with me, I will show you the back reflex points and have you practice them. Once you know where these points are… you can take some time to work them yourself everyday at home as well as having sessions with your reflexologist.

So, take the time to meet your local reflexologist for your aches and pains. You might just discover how beneficial it is, not to mention how relaxing it is, and how good it feels!

*If you are a person that prefers not to have either your feet, or hands or ears worked on, then the reflexology session can be adjusted for what you are comfortable with.

*I work within your comfort level for determining pressure.

*Fully clothed except for shoes and socks.

* I also offer other options with your session: Face reflexology, acupressure, guided imagery, essential oils

*Reflexology mini sessions are great for parties and events.  Affordable prices and your guests love it! I bring my chair and supplies.

Mitta Vicki Wise RN, Holistic practitioner, Certified Reflexologist

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About yourholistichealthcare

Mitta Vicki Wise is an RN Holistic Practitioner who has two locations: West Los Angeles and Toluca Lake areas. Stress management and relaxation, inner journeys, life challenges - Hypnotherapy, guided meditations/visualizations. Professional reflexology: Feet, hands, ears as well as options of acupressure, essential oils, guided imagery. EFT or TAT Essential oils for self care, wellness, chemical free living Teaching meditation for beginners
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