Can Reflexology Help my Back?

Reflexology is working the reflex points on the feet, hands and ears and is based on the nervous system. There are nerve endings in these places and through the nerve pathways, they connect to different organs and parts of the body. Therefore it makes sense that working say on the feet, can effect a change not just in the foot, but also in another part of the body.

So using that idea… if you come to a reflexologist, they will work the reflex points for the back, along with other supporting structures. And they will do that on the hands, feet and ears. I work with a priority reflexing system which means that depending on whether it is lower, mid/upper back or neck, might determine where I start – hands, feet or ears.

A reflexologist can’t claim to treat or cure someone or their back, unless we are also a doctor. But we can support the body’s own innate healing systems and work those reflex points that correspond to the part of the body you are having challenges with. This has shown great results on many of my clients.

What are some of the ways that reflexology helps?

  • Brings more circulation and more oxygen to the area.
  • Opens it up and may help with flexibility.
  • Often reduces stress and encourages relaxation.
  • May help relieve some of the congestion around the nerve endings and surrounding area.

Where are the main reflexology points for the back?

On the hands, the main points run from just above the base of the thumb which is the neck area and as you go down the thumb side of the hand towards the wrist, you are going down through the back reflex points to the lower back. So the lower back reflex point is close to the wrist. In the foot, it’s the same. From the area just above the base of the big toe going down the big toe side of the foot towards the lower back points.

On the ear is a little more tricky to explain. The ear points are very different from the hands and feet and better to see in person. The ear points are held for as long as feels better – 2 to 10 minutes is usually good. When you have a session with me, I will show you the back reflex points and have you practice them. Once you know where these points are… you can take some time to work them yourself everyday at home as well as having sessions with your reflexologist.

So, take the time to meet your local reflexologist for your aches and pains. You might just discover how beneficial it is, not to mention how relaxing it is, and how good it feels!

*If you are a person that prefers not to have either your feet, or hands or ears worked on, then the reflexology session can be adjusted for what you are comfortable with.

*I work within your comfort level for determining pressure.

*Fully clothed except for shoes and socks.

* I also offer other options with your session: Face reflexology, acupressure, guided imagery, essential oils

*Reflexology mini sessions are great for parties and events.  Affordable prices and your guests love it! I bring my chair and supplies.

Mitta Vicki Wise RN, Holistic practitioner, Certified Reflexologist

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What is Visualization?

Visualization is seeing in your mind’s eye, imagining, imagery. I like to think of it as a visual message to the subconscious mind about what you want. If I show you a picture it’s a message to you. And if I show it to you 10 times a day, you might start to get the message. And visualization works in a similar way only you decide what is important for you to see, what you want in your life. I say a picture played on the subconscious mind paints a thousand words.

And because we have so many messages running around in our brains and being of things we don’t want, or things that happened in the past that are no longer valid.. we want to introduce or re-introduce positive targeted and meaningful messages to the subconscious mind to help us today.

All action starts with a thought, so send the right messages!

Everybody’s mind is unique and creative. Allow your imagination to be creative… there are so many different ways you can imagine something, so be creative.. put your own take on it. So, even if someone gives you a visualization, add something to it., fill in the details.. the more specific details you can provide, the more specific the visualization is. Work it to suit you.


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Inner Journeys are exactly that!  Journeys into your inner life to help you see and grow. They combine guided meditation, visualization and imagery with relaxation and afterwards you feel refreshed and inspired!
Optional: include TAT or EFT for one or more sessions

Usually people feel they have received messages, insights, guidance,  strength and wisdom from these life changing experiences.
The sessions are gentle, nurturing and designed around what YOU want
to change or explore.

1) Inner Strength: Open Your Heart

  • Move through surface fears, tension and self doubt to discover the power of you!
  • Open up creative, loving and wise areas of yourself.
  • Participate and journey on guided visualizations and meditations using relaxation and imagery.

Each session allows you to go deeper to discover  and strengthen your own self confidence, self love, direction, love, and purpose..4 level program

4 level program:    $65 per session   Prepay 4 session program  $195
2) Inner Journey: Open Your Vision
  • Delve deeply into your inner layers and discover untapped areas of yourself and your spiritual journey.
  • Move through different layers and levels to open up creative, loving, aware and wise areas of yourself!
  • Travel on exciting journeys of guided meditation/ visualization and deepen your spiritual awareness, strength, direction, purpose and vision.
3 level program:  $65 per session   Prepay 3 session program  $165

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Weight Management

If losing weight is at the top of your list, you’re not alone:

An estimated 80 million Americans go on diets every year, spending more than $30 billion annually on programs and products. That’s a lot of money, a lot of advice, and a lot of emotional investment. So you want to make sure you get what works for you. I offer free health profiles at a private nutrition club in West LA. Email me to schedule yours!

A healthy diet and exercise are the best ways to lose weight. Other important factors are rest, stress management and sleep. And some of these help boost the success of your program: creativity, living with purpose, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion for self and others, patience, meditation/prayer, visualization, community and laughter.

*Always consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.















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You can’t change what has happened in your life but you can start to change to way you react to it. This is for YOU… for your own healing process. You can stay angry and bitter but it’s not helping you. You can do the same things and get the same results. Or you can change the way you feel and what you do about it. So the bottom line is… is it helping you? Holding in anger, resentment and bitterness is like drinking poison and hoping that the other person dies. Scroll below and see which exercise speaks to you and can help you in moving your life forward again.

Love yourself. 


Write it out and really get into it and then read it out loud 10 times.

Get a partner.

You will each write out the most devastating thing in your life that you can’t let go of. Really be detailed about it. Write down how it makes you feel, how it has affected your life, and what problems you have with the situation. Spend about 30 minutes on this if you have to. Now read the paper out loud to your partner … 10 times. I can pretty much guarantee that it won’t have the meaning it had when you wrote it out by the end of the exercise.

Burning Ceremonies

When you are complete with the exercise have a burning ceremony. As you light the papers on fire, let them and the entire situation go forever up in smoke, leaving ashes to nourish the earth. Boundaries Sometimes you have to protect yourself first and not let people run all over you. You have to learn how to say no. The name of a good book is, Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin by Anne Katherine. It’s a short, but effective little book.

Get Healthy

This may be an arduous and long path, but when we are angry, we stay sick. When we overcome all those things in our lives which keep us from doing our life purpose we are freed. The Forgiveness Tour Don’t know how to forgive? Try Reverend Bonnie Barnard’s book on forgiveness – ‘Forgive Your Way to Freedom” She founded the forgiveness tour in January of 2005 and went around the country for a year teaching forgiveness.


Consistent exercise is great for health and for defusing anger and stress. Walking is excellent for every blood type! Forgive yourself so you can forgive others In the past we may have acted in anger because we were really angry with ourselves . . . mostly for not being able to stand up for my boundaries and say “no” to things that I didn’t want to do. When you focus on loving yourself and doing your life purpose, you finally realize that every job is suited perfectly for someone. It may not be you, but there is someone out there that would be happy to do what you don’t want to do. When you know your limitations and strengths, you are able to contribute to the world and your relationships in a bigger way . . . and you are happier for it.

Try some gentle hypnotherapy It can work wonders. Hypnotherapy sessions are nurturing and one on one designed for you and to help you move forward. Contact me if you have any questions through my contact page .If you need more help with forgiveness, please don’t hesitate to contact me 818-754-2556

Don’t forget to visit our website and facebook pages for more useful information:

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Professional Reflexology- Integrated Feet, Hands, Ears

What is Reflexology?

Effective pressure is applied to the hands, feet and outer ears by the nurturing hands of the Reflexologist. It is a safe, simple, and effective method, and the client is fully clothed. Reflexology deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet, hands and ears, which correspond to all the glands, organs and parts of the body. Stimulating these reflexes properly have helped many health problems in a natural way, a type of preventative maintenance.

Love to be Pampered?  Need to relax?  Stressed Out?

Need a unique present for birthday, anniversary etc? They love it!

Are you on your feet all day? Tired, sore feet? Other foot challenges?

Body Aches? Stiff joints? Slow to move?

Need a unique service for parties, fairs, weddings, showers, corporate and other events?

Rundown? Fatigued? Other health challenges?

Dancer, Runner, Teacher, Speaker, Supermarket checkout, Bank Teller, Retail Sales, a senior, Your Mom or anyone else.


Breaking down of congestion and blockages
Relaxation of nerves
Relaxation of blood vessels
More nutrients and oxygen to cells
Better cell function
Healthier Skin
Encouragement of body’s self healing
Helps flush the body of toxins
General feeling of relaxation and wellbeing
Soothing caring touch
Stress management
May relieve discomfort, aches, and pains
Better mobility
Increased clarity and focus


Reflexology, especially foot reflexology is wonderful for events of all kinds. It’s pampering for employees, wedding parties, birthdays, anniversaries and good at health and other kinds of fairs so people can experience it and have a break from the event.

Is there any scientific basis to Reflexology?

In the 1890’s knighted research scientist, Dr. Henry Head, proved the neurological relationship that exists between the skin and the internal organs. Nobel prize winner, Sir Charles Sherrington proved that the whole nervous system and body adjusts to a stimulus when it is applied to any part of the body.

In Germany, Dr. Alfons Cornelius observed pressure to certain spots triggered muscle contractions, changes in blood pressure, variation in warmth and moisture in the body as well as directly affecting the “psychic processes” or mental state of the patient. Currently research studies to further validate reflexology are being conducted in many countries including Switzerland, Denmark, USA and Australia. In Japan and Denmark reflexology has been incorporated into the employee health programs of several large corporations saving each company thousands of dollars annually.

For years, one of the most frequently asked questions of Reflexologists was, “Are there any studies validating the effectiveness of Reflexology.” The answer was no. During the mid 1980’s Dr. Terry Oleson and Bill Flocco discussed the issue, deciding to combine their talents and resources, to conduct a Randomized Controlled Reflexology Research Study, according to the strict standards of research ethics and protocols demanded by the highest echelons of the medical research community. Over 350 Reflexology research studies on over 150 health challenges have been conducted around the world:

Other FAQ’s

Does Reflexology treat disease?

NO. Reflexologists do not work with a treatment orientation; rather they are oriented to revitalizing the whole body and hence supporting the body in its own healing process.

If Reflexology does not treat disease, what can it do for me?

Reflexology is used primarily to relieve stress and tension and produce deep therapeutic relaxation. Medical doctors agree that over three fourths of our health problems can be linked to nervous and physical tension. By reducing stress and tension, reflexology improves blood and lymph circulation, strengthens the functioning of the immune system, improves assimilation of nutrition and elimination of toxins, and calms the nervous system. In these ways, reflexology facilitates the body’s natural healing processes and thereby enhances the body’s health and vitality.

Who can benefit from Reflexology sessions?

Everyone can benefit from Reflexology treatments. You do not have to have an illness to have Reflexology. Clients who want to alleviate stress can benefit from Reflexology. All ages can benefit from Reflexology, including children.

What can I expect at a first Reflexology session?

Clients will be asked to fill out a health history and release form. Parents must sign for children under the age of 18.  The Reflexologist will go over the form with the client and discuss how a session will be tailored to their needs. Clients are encouraged to ask questions. The first session is approximately 80 minutes, which comprises of health history discussion, the reflexology session and answering any questions at the end of the session. Followup sessions are 60 minutes.

At all sessions, clients will be asked to remove socks and shoes. The feet will be cleansed with hand wipes. Other than the removal of socks and shoes, the client is fully dressed.  The Reflexology session consists of  thumb and finger pressure as well as thumb rolling. Lotion may be used at the end of  the session. Please let the Reflexologist know if you have any allergies.

Please also let me know if you are pregnant.

What will I feel during a Reflexology session?

Many people find reflexology sessions, for the most part, very relaxing. It is not uncommon for clients to fall asleep. The pressure that is applied is always within the client’s comfort range. If there are painful points on the hands/feet, these may be signs of energy blocks or congestion at the corresponding body point. It also could be due to footwear affecting that part of the foot. By taking into account the needs of a client, a reflexologist will vary the amounts of pressure on different areas.

How will I feel after a Reflexology session?

Directly after a session, clients may feel very rested and in a relaxed state of mind.

After one or two sessions your body may respond in a very definite way. Most people noticed that they have more energy, and better elimination, sleep better, and have a sense of well being. Please note how your body responds to reflexology and inform the Reflexologist so that sessions will be tailored to your specific needs.

Reflexology may help the symptoms associated with;

  • Stress and stress-related conditions
  • Tension or migraine headaches
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Insomnia
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Menstrual disorders, such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), or heavy, painful, irregular periods
  • Menopause
  • Infertility
  • Constipation
  • Back Pain
  • Foot and Hand Challenges

For clients experiencing fertility issues, Reflexology has been shown to help couples to maximize health conditions to support the body prior and during pregnancy.

Reflexology is recommended as a complementary therapy to conventional medicine and does NOT replace conventional medical treatment.

How many Reflexology sessions will I need before I see results?

Clients may see results after one or two sessions. For maximum results, it is suggested that clients have one or two sessions per week for four to five consecutive weeks. Some clients like to continue with Reflexology on a regular basis for stress management, relaxation or simply because it feels so good.

Will it hurt?
Reflexology can be extremely relaxing, however if there is a part of the body that is unbalanced, the corresponding reflex point may feel  tender or sensitive whilst working to rebalance the area. This usually passes very quickly. On the whole the client/patient should find it soothing and relaxing. If at any time you find the session painful, let me know as it is important that I work within your comfort-zone.
What if I have ticklish feet?
When performed correctly, reflexology does not tickle. We have clients who have previously said that they won’t let anyone touch their feet, but who have since found reflexology both enjoyable and beneficial. For people who have ticklish feet, no need to worry, the pressure more holding and firm, rather than some stroking movements as in massage.
Will any reactions be experienced?
Occasionally during a session some people may feel drowsy or tearful; these feelings will often pass quickly. Afterwards a few people may experience a runny nose or possibly a feeling of being tired or sleepy. Others may find they feel full of energy. It is good to hydrate adequately for the two days following a Reflexology session.
The majority of clients feel absolutely wonderful after the session and express it to the Reflexologist.
Is Reflexology the same as Massage, Acupressure, Acupuncture or Shiatsu?

Reflexology is not the same as massage, which involves tissue and muscle therapy to promote relaxation.

Acupuncture, Acupressure and Shiatsu are based on energy flows through the meridian energy channels and that the therapy improves the flow of ‘Chi’ by reducing or eliminating blockages.

Reflexology focuses on working and holding the reflex points affecting the nervous system connected to the whole body.

Is reflexology suitable for everyone?

Reflexology is not advisable for – People suffering from thrombosis, Embolus, Phlebitis, Cancers of the blood, Lymphatic Cancer, Hodgkins Disease, Gangrene, Shingles (while pustules are present). Also immediately after any surgical procedure.

Current fever or infection – for example if the person has flu, as this could be passed onto the practitioner and other clients

Foot infection / injury (hand reflexology can be offered as an alternative)

High risk pregnancy – those with a history of miscarriage

Certain points are avoided in the first 3 months of pregnancy

Uncontrolled heart conditions.

For more useful information or to book Mitta Vicki Wise visit our website or simply call: 818-720-9802

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1 WAY TO WELLNESS – Improve Productivity, Manage Stress & Bring Good Energy Into The Office!

1 WAY TO WELLNESS – Improve Productivity, Manage Stress  & Bring Good Energy into the Office!

We come to your business for 2 hours (or more) to give your employees (and you) a wonderful, relaxing and stress reducing experience.

Or we come to your event.

Reflexology is:

Effective pressure is applied to the hands, feet and outer ears by the nurturing hands of the Reflexologist. It is a safe, simple, and effective method, and the client is fully clothed. Reflexology deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet, hands and ears, which correspond to all the glands, organs and parts of the body. Stimulating these reflexes properly may help many health problems in a natural way, a type of preventative maintenance.

Benefits to you as a company:

Directly after a session, clients usually feel very rested, clear headed, stress free and in a relaxed state of mind. Many people notice that they have more energy, sleep better, and have a sense of well being. A positive mood is enhanced and an employee can be more productive and focused with better concentration.

Benefits to the employees:

Feels great!


Helps the body’s healing mechanisms for preventative health.

A needed stress- free break and rest

Clearer mind

About us:

Sara Chameides CMT and Mitta VIcki Wise RN,  are the owners of 1 Way to Wellness and are both professional and certifed Reflexologists. They trained at The Amercian Academy of Reflexology here in Los Angeles which is well known for its teaching of foot, hand and ear integration and for its indepth and continuing education training. They are experienced health professionals, members of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals and continue to contribute time to non profits in the community.

Great Starting Rate!  Please contact us for your event, health fair, employees day or gift and we can customize depending on the size of the company, location, special needs.

Depending on amount of people – 10, 15, 20, 30+ min sessions

Professional Foot Reflexology *Optional Hand Reflexology available

We provide Reflexology chairs and supplies to clean the feet.

Person receiving Reflexology is fully clothed.




Wow!  What a life changing concept.  I had an amazing reflexology session with Sara from 1 Way to Wellness on a Wednesday at my office and it was divine.  The technicians were very professional and brought extremely comfortable ergonomic loungers to recline and relax in.  The actual reflexology was orgasmic!  She got into all my tender areas, but it also felt good.  I felt so  light and relaxed after.  Highly recommend to employers to treat           themselves and their employees in order to reduce stress and increase productivity.

-Robin Harrington, Lemon Lime Talent Agency, LA


I had the great pleasure of having reflexology  with Mitta from 1 Way to Wellness when I stopped by my agency.  I was feeling a bit blue earlier in the day, but as she worked on my feet with her lovely healing touch, I could feel my bad mood lift away very quickly.  It’s a testament to reflexology that she is able to inspire deep relaxation so quickly, and in the middle of a busy office!  I was walking on clouds for the rest of the day.

-Ruta at Lemon Lime


Reflexology at Lemon Lime Talent Agency, LA

Mitta Vicki Wise is a registered Nurse Practitioner. Visit her website and facebook pages for more useful information on Holitic healing:              Holistic facebook tiny


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Attracting Abundance

How do we have freedom of mind and learn to attract abundance?


There are tools, when put into consistent use, which can enable you to allow yourself to experience more of the wealth, health and happiness that is your natural birthright..With deliberate thought and effort, whatever you desire you can achieve,.It’s all about attracting what you want and not focusing on what you don’t want, and it is within your power to do this.

If you are not achieving what you want in life, it is because you are offering a vibration or sending an energy that is different from the vibration of success or abundance. You cannot feel poor, vibrate poor and succeed. The attention to lack brings more. Like attracts like.

So, if you are thinking I can’t pay my bills, I can’t send my kids to college, I can’t buy my Manolo Blanick shoes etc the universe will indeed give that to you. It’s the law of attraction.. Thought is energy and lays the groundwork for what’s to come, and the universe obliges..

Remember, you are a living magnet.. what you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts. If you are concentrating on the absence of something you want, you must find a way to feel the essence of it, even before it comes, or it cannot come..You must find a way to experience how it feels when your goals are realized, even before they have happened. “When you are willing to offer the vibration of abundance prior to the manifestation then abundance can come” This is a process which can have amazing results,

When you are able to visualize something you want… love what you see, experience it fully with all senses and this will help you attract it to yourself..

Here’s a short technique that may help you relax and think positively:

Think about something in your life that’s bothering you… take your hands and put them up to your forehead and hold them there lightly and close your eyes.. Take a deep breath and relax.
Think of what you would like to attract in your life whether it’s money, relationship, health etc and be specific and in present tense as if you had it right now. Love what you see….

For example:  I have a brand new silver hybrid car and I am enjoying it so much… and saving hundreds of dollars on gas. Experience yourself having the key, turning the key in the ignition and driving the car. .. Enjoy the new car smell.. and feel really good..

Try this technique daily on various goals in your life.. little or big and enjoy!

“The state of your life is nothing more than the reflection of your state of mind”

Remember, determination and practice gives you the resolve to keep going and to manifest your dreams. Abundance starts today, right now.

Feel Free to visit our website and facebook pages for more useful information, tips, tools and resources. Facebook large crop

Mitta Vicki Wise

Sandra Reid


**This article is only allowed to be used on another site if that site includes the names and websites written clearly, and seen easily, with the article.

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Meditation- A Closer Look by: Mitta Vicki Wise

To meditate is to turn inwards, to concentrate on the inner self.

There are many forms:

Silent Meditation:  It helps us to become a witness to our thoughts. First remove all the things that might distract you from your meditation and create a quiet place where there will be no disturbances. Decide how long your meditation should be. It can be fifteen minutes, an hour, even five minutes. If you need to, set an alarm. Most people, once they become comfortable with meditation, can tell the amount of time they’ve been meditating by how they feel. Once you’ve done this, settle into a comfortable position. Thoughts arise spontaneously in the mind. They are a natural part of meditation. The goal of meditation is to become more at ease, relaxed and at peace with whatever is happening. Therefore, it is important to not resist anything that comes in meditation, including thoughts. Don’t try to push out thoughts or resist them. Simply notice that thoughts are present and let them go the way they come — effortlessly. When you find that the awareness has been caught up in a train of thought, easily come back to the present and the focus of your meditation.

Mantra Meditation:  A meditation mantra is a sound that is has a very beneficial effect on your body, mind and soul. Using one helps to calm the chatter of your mind, activating the feeling of harmony that the mantra infuses in you.The mantra aligns itself with your own personal vibration as you repeat the particular sound or phrase. Ripples are set up that spread through your being, connecting you to your spiritual essence. Sounds were and are used to heal people physically, spiritually or energetically in ancient traditions, because the sounds vibrate higher, tap into a persons consciousness and align it with their higher selves, actually changing their consciousness.

A common Hindu mantra is “Aum Namah Shivaya” relating to Shiva. That’s Shiva on the right. This is a popular mantra in Hinduism and particularly in Shaivism. It is known as the great redeeming mantra and the translation is “adoration to Shiva”, preceded by the mystical syllable “Aum”. Or it could be translated as “I bow to Shiva”. Shiva is the supreme reality, the inner Self. It is the name given to consciousness that dwells in all. Shiva is the name of your true identity, your Self.

Or from Tibetan Buddhism the mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum”. Tibetan Buddhists believe that saying this mantra (prayer) out loud or silently to oneself, invokes the powerful benevolent attention and blessings of Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion.

Breath Meditation: At its simplest, you find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Breathe in a long, slow, deep breath. If possible hold it for a second or two before releasing it, again slowly. Repeat this over again, at least 5 times and ideally more. You’ll find that this is a quick way to bring about a more relaxed state in your body. Bring your awareness to the natural flow of the breath, noticing the details of the sensation of breathing. When the attention wanders, it is gently brought back to the breath.

Chakra Meditation, Balancing and Cleansing: Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “spinning wheel of energy”. The Chakras are the dynamic conduits of Life, connecting you directly to the Universal Life Force. There are seven major chakras running along the spine, and each chakra is situated at a major endocrine gland, and nerve bundle within the physical body, called a plexus. Each chakra is related to a different color and is connected and associated with different parts of the body. Through meditation and balancing, you can more easily achieve a healthier balance of your body, mind and spirit.

Mindfulness Meditation:. This form of meditation is to bring awareness to the present moment objectively. It simply brings the individual fully into the present moment. It can be done with anything at any time of the day, simply by bringing our awareness of a particular event into sharp focus. Mindfulness is a quality you can cultivate in any situation—whether you’re walking down the street or washing the dishes. Although grounded in Buddhism, this practice is accessible to people of any faith. In mindfulness meditation you stop the restlessness of your mind by focusing your undivided attention on whatever you’re experiencing in the here and now. The simplest version involves simply focusing on your breath. By enhancing your awareness in this way, you calm your mind, experience life more fully, and bring new clarity of thought to any situation that comes your way

Guided Meditation:  This can be guided imagery where someone describes a scene for you and you follow along, building the images and sensations in your mind. Or it can be done with the individual picking a particular relaxing or desirably peaceful location.  Once your meditation time is up, spend a few minutes  focusing on the experience, what you discovered or questions that arose. Sometimes it is good with any of the ways of meditating to keep a journal of your experiences and use those during other meditations to bring greater insight into yourself and create a whole picture of a given topic or focus. Guided meditations usually last between 20 and 60 minutes. Typically a guided meditation will start with a relaxation procedure so that you’re relaxed and receptive for the main part of the meditation. It will then move on to the actual aim of the meditation, whether this is deep relaxation, healing your body, contacting your higher self or any other goal you have chosen.

Activity-Oriented Mindful Meditation Techniques  With this type of meditation, you engage in a repetitive activity, or one where you can get ‘in the zone’ and experience ‘flow.’ Again, this quiets the mind, and allows your brain to shift. Activities like gardening, creating artwork, or practicing yoga can all be effective forms of meditation

Compassion Exercise: Some people like structure. A nice meditation for people who want a technique is a  compassion or loving-kindness meditation. First, you call to mind your own self and say silently “May I be happy, may I be peaceful, may I be healthy, may I be free.” Next, call to mind someone you love, and say the same, but replace the Is with yous, obviously. Next, call to mind someone who you are having challenges with and do it for them. From there, you can extend this meditation out to the entire world (“may all people/beings everywhere be happy” etc.).

Walking meditation:  This is one of the ways to meditate that brings awareness to sensations and experiences. Instead of focusing on a thought, focus on how each step feels, concentrate on your body, each move your muscles make as you take a step. The purpose of this type of mediation is to focus on the sensation and experience of walking itself.

You can focus on your breathing and count out your breaths while walking. Just break your steps down into slow, mindful movements and breathe. You may repeat a favorite inspirational verse or affirmation. Notice how the ground rises up to meet your feet.  Walk with ‘soft vision, allowing the eyes to relax and focus upon nothing, while aware of everything. Once you have discovered your natural rhythm, lock into it, so that the rhythm of the walking sets the rhythm for the breath like a metronome.” Walking meditations are employed in various meditative traditions.

– Mitta Vicki Wise  Click the images below to visit our website and our social media platforms…or to schedule an appt. simply call Mitta at: 818-720-9802



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Reflexology for Events

Reflexology for Events
Mitta Vicki Wise RN, Certified Reflexologist


Types of Events
Getting the Event
Organizing for the Event
At the Event
Follow Up

Reflexology, especially foot reflexology is wonderful for events of all kinds. It’s pampering for employees, corporate events, wedding parties, birthdays, anniversaries and many other kinds of gatherings. It’s helpful at health and other kinds of fairs so people can experience it and have a break from the event. At professional events 10-15 mins is a good amount of time and at other events you can choose between 10-60 mins.

Why do you want Reflexology at your event?
Because people looooooooove it!   They absolutely do… and it’s good for them at the same time. Good for health, good for relaxation, good for clarity and productivity, good for stress management. Just extra good!

1) Types of Events

Networking, Non profit events, Booths at festivals, Sports events, Health events, Corporations, Private parties, Wedding parties,Retreats, Pamper Days at Spas and Chiropractic offices, And more

2) Getting the Event

Where to find them:
Craigslist, non profits, advertised in papers and magazines, google ”events in los angeles”, word of mouth, networking, event companies, event planners, city websites, mobile massage and reflexology companies.

Call and talk to someone responsible for the event!  Sometimes just making that connection can open doors. IF it doesn’t work for that event, they may remember you for another event. Get them your info and card.  If you feel like it… offer them a short complimentary session. Follow up later!

Join a mobile event or spa company. Adhere to their policies. Be on time.

Offer to a company. If corporate, have a professional looking website to give them and a packet of information to give them including your biz card/brochure, information on reflexology, information on yourself. But most of all… make immediately available how it can benefit their employees and ultimately their company!! This is what they want to know.

3) Negotiating

Most events: fairs, booths, some company booth events etc. you can charge a minimum of $1 a minute, some more like the current going chair massage rate which is a little more than that… Private parties and corporate events you can charge more, and it’s better to charge a flat fee for the event or by the hour.
A few events may ask you to do it for free and that’s your choice if you want the exposure, can have a signup sheet for followup and can give out  business cards…. particularly if it’s just a  a few hours.

4) Organizing for the Event

Make sure you are really clear ahead of time what’s expected of you, have a clear money arrangement, have all your supplies, have a map and directions even if you think you know where it is (google maps, mapquest or a map book). Make sure you know where to park, whether you have to pay for parking or it’s included, or they reimburse you, and any other parking arrangements. It’s better to draw up a contract for some private parties and for corporate arrangements.

Plan to arrive an hour early. This will give you time if  there is extra traffic, an accident, or you get lost. It can also help you get an optimal location at the event. Most events will probably tell you to arrive at least half an hour to an hour ahead of time.
Get the name of the room, department, booth number, location etc ahead of time,  so you know where you are going. Ask for an area that’s quiet (if possible) and make sure there will be enough room for you and the table or chair. Many people are not aware that the reflexology chair goes back and that the combined length of the chair down and the stool you are sitting on is more than for instance a chair massage space.

Ask the coordinator if  there can be a space for you out of the sun if it’s a hot day or if it is a covered space. On a cold day you will probably need something indoors.  You dont want clients tensing up…always ask!  If they say no sorry this is all we have, then you’ll have to guage whether you can make it work.

Find out what breaks – meal and otherwise are appropriate for the particular event and confirm them with your host.

Be aware it could be really really busy or really really slow or somewhere in between.
Have a creative plan to have people notice you. Have signs. Have a board. Talk to people when it’s not busy, tell them what you have to offer. Invite them to your booth and your chair. Offer a short freebee when it’s really slow to someone so others can see what you do. Have things to give away if possible.

Get together signs, board, signup sheet, biz cards, brochures, tape, scissors, pens, markers and other supplies that you use. Put everything in the car the night before you have the event so that you are ready in the morning.
Have enough of your professional supplies so you don’t run out if it gets really busy.
have linen/towels if you are using a table. And paper towels/towels for a reflexology chair. Hand sanitizer, wipes, cream are other supplies. Have a watch and/or a clock for timing the sessions.

Have liability insurance!  This will give you some peace of mind and protection.
ABMP is a good and well knowne source for insurance.

5) At the Event

You might be at a corporate health event, a lunch and learn or some other kind of company happening. Dress professionally. Check in with your contact person when you arrive and let them know you are there. Ask where you will be situated and if there is anything else you need to know.
Sometimes companies have specific people showing up at specific times. If the event is very busy make sure the people are arriving and you’re not waiting around for a specific person or you’ll get way behind.  Contact admin responsible or front desk if someone isn’t showing up. Adhere to any policies or rules the company tells you.
Always remain professional and remember you are working even if it’s a fun day. Dont use your cell phone or anything else while working.
Stay until the end of the event unless the organizer or admin person tells you to go home early. Thank your contact person and others that were involved.

Check ahead of time to see where you’ll be setting up. See if you can have a room away from the main area, or away from noisy areas. Have a divider if necessary.
Offer some free time for the host or hostess. They might book you again.
Be respectful of their home and their friends and associates.
Don’t drink alcohol, flirt, or eat all the food on the table! Remain professional!  Take appropriate breaks as confirmed with host.

Leave at the appropriate time as arranged and thank the host when leaving!

Outdoors/fairs etc.
Know where you are going. Find out if you can park close at least initially to drop off your equipment if it’s a big event. When setting up make sure your clients face is not in the sun. Truy to arrange it so that they can have a little privacy if possible. Wear sunscreen and a hat if it’s particularly hot. Take breaks and drink plenty of water.
Look for ways for people to notice you and be interested. Have flyers, cards, brochures, discounts and something to give away.

Have everyone sign in with contact info/email address.

Offer a raffle or discount program.

When you have a break get to know some of the vendors and let them know what you do.
Network and give them your business card. They are great resources and can often become your client,  refer someone to you,  or let you know of other resources for events or generally for your business. Show an interest in what they do.

Always be respectful.
Use sanitary wipes and paper towels. Wash your hands/use  hand sanitizer between clients
Be friendly and informative.
Have business cards, sign up sheet for follow up (unless host has said not to bring and you’ve agreed)
Keep to time if busy. Keep to allotted time as much as possible that you’ve agreed upon with the host.. 10 min, 15 min, 20 min etc.If you’re not busy you can do extra time for a person if you want and if it fits in with the host event.. You’ll have more time to explain things and answer questions from people.
Make sure your chair/table is clean and safe.

Thank your hosts/hostesses.

5) Follow up

Call back the company you are working for if it’s a mobile company
Call back other  companies for follow up, see if you can go in weekly or monthly and offer your services. Find out if there are more events.
Offer some kind of bonus for employees and for staff.
Follow up possible clients on your sign up sheet
Offer a freebie, discount or bonus
If appropriate…ask for a referral…you never know.


•    You never know where a referral might come from! Sometimes they come not just from the likely sources, but also unexpected sources..

•    Never put yourself or your client in danger..

•    Always be professional

•    Follow all standards, codes and ethics of your profession

•    Follow rules and protocols of your host: Private or corporate

•    Remember…today people see you as the expert in your field.  Use this as a chance to educate people as much as you can on the benefits of reflexology and of a healthy lifestyle.

•    Show you care

*    Show your appreciation

Copyright @2009

Mitta Vicki Wise  RN, CHT

Certified Foot, Hand and Ear Reflexologist (American Academy of Reflexology)

You may copy this article ONLY if you put my name, credentials and website link clearly seen with the article.

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