1 WAY TO WELLNESS – Improve Productivity, Manage Stress & Bring Good Energy Into The Office!

1 WAY TO WELLNESS – Improve Productivity, Manage Stress  & Bring Good Energy into the Office!

We come to your business for 2 hours (or more) to give your employees (and you) a wonderful, relaxing and stress reducing experience.

Or we come to your event.

Reflexology is:

Effective pressure is applied to the hands, feet and outer ears by the nurturing hands of the Reflexologist. It is a safe, simple, and effective method, and the client is fully clothed. Reflexology deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet, hands and ears, which correspond to all the glands, organs and parts of the body. Stimulating these reflexes properly may help many health problems in a natural way, a type of preventative maintenance.

Benefits to you as a company:

Directly after a session, clients usually feel very rested, clear headed, stress free and in a relaxed state of mind. Many people notice that they have more energy, sleep better, and have a sense of well being. A positive mood is enhanced and an employee can be more productive and focused with better concentration.

Benefits to the employees:

Feels great!


Helps the body’s healing mechanisms for preventative health.

A needed stress- free break and rest

Clearer mind

About us:

Sara Chameides CMT and Mitta VIcki Wise RN,  are the owners of 1 Way to Wellness and are both professional and certifed Reflexologists. They trained at The Amercian Academy of Reflexology here in Los Angeles which is well known for its teaching of foot, hand and ear integration and for its indepth and continuing education training. They are experienced health professionals, members of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals and continue to contribute time to non profits in the community.

Great Starting Rate!  Please contact us for your event, health fair, employees day or gift and we can customize depending on the size of the company, location, special needs.

Depending on amount of people – 10, 15, 20, 30+ min sessions

Professional Foot Reflexology *Optional Hand Reflexology available

We provide Reflexology chairs and supplies to clean the feet.

Person receiving Reflexology is fully clothed.




Wow!  What a life changing concept.  I had an amazing reflexology session with Sara from 1 Way to Wellness on a Wednesday at my office and it was divine.  The technicians were very professional and brought extremely comfortable ergonomic loungers to recline and relax in.  The actual reflexology was orgasmic!  She got into all my tender areas, but it also felt good.  I felt so  light and relaxed after.  Highly recommend to employers to treat           themselves and their employees in order to reduce stress and increase productivity.

-Robin Harrington, Lemon Lime Talent Agency, LA


I had the great pleasure of having reflexology  with Mitta from 1 Way to Wellness when I stopped by my agency.  I was feeling a bit blue earlier in the day, but as she worked on my feet with her lovely healing touch, I could feel my bad mood lift away very quickly.  It’s a testament to reflexology that she is able to inspire deep relaxation so quickly, and in the middle of a busy office!  I was walking on clouds for the rest of the day.

-Ruta at Lemon Lime


Reflexology at Lemon Lime Talent Agency, LA  www.lemonlimeagency.com

Mitta Vicki Wise is a registered Nurse Practitioner. Visit her website and facebook pages for more useful information on Holitic healing:

http://www.yourholistichealthcare.com/index.html              Holistic facebook tiny


About yourholistichealthcare

Mitta Vicki Wise is an RN Holistic Practitioner who has two locations: West Los Angeles and Toluca Lake areas. Stress management and relaxation, inner journeys, life challenges - Hypnotherapy, guided meditations/visualizations. Professional reflexology: Feet, hands, ears as well as options of acupressure, essential oils, guided imagery. EFT or TAT Essential oils for self care, wellness, chemical free living Teaching meditation for beginners
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10 Responses to 1 WAY TO WELLNESS – Improve Productivity, Manage Stress & Bring Good Energy Into The Office!

  1. Abir Aboura says:

    looks very relaxing

  2. Mitta is a master practitioner! I LOVED the Reflexology session! It was so relaxing I almost fell asleep

  3. Hayfa Kamoun says:

    Congratulations on your gentle effective work Mitta. Thanks !

  4. Ahmed Sakhri says:

    I do not know what Reflexology is, but exercise in any form is a very natural cure for depression and stress. Something as simple as rocking in a rocking chair can help. A hot shower or sittng in a hot tub is great

  5. Lili Jolie says:

    Congratulations Mitta… Keep up the excellence work… Stay Lively and Healthy in Business… And I just gave you another 5 stars and some of those funny looking icons. Thanks for the acknowledgement

  6. Kaouther Ao says:

    If you are looking for a Reflexologist, look no further. Mitta was great. Her gentle and effective therapy is not a simple foot massage. She will get to the root of your problems and find the solution. And it is soooo relaxing

  7. In order to gain maximum benefit from your reflexology treatment try to rest and take things easy as this helps to boost the body’s natural healing abilities

  8. Im a drummer, i want that reflexology after every practice. 😛

  9. most people in this buisness have really calming soothing voices

  10. A real true professional !

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